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 what is the function of stigma, style and ovary?

Asked by Bharat Khandelw...(student), on 6/12/11


stigma--is covered in a sticky substance that the pollen grains will adhere to

style--the style raises the stigma away from ovary to decrease the livelihood of pollen contamination. it varries in length.

ovary--this protects the ovule and once fertilisation has taken place it will become the fruit.

Posted by Sukrit Singh(student), on 6/12/11


@Seema: You can refer to the answer given by your friend. 

Stigma − receptacle for pollen grains

 Style − connects stigma to the ovary 

Ovary − enlarged basal part on which style lies

@Singh: Good effort! We really appreciate your contribution to this forum. Keep posting!

Posted by Ankita Agarwal(MeritNation Expert), on 7/12/11

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 thank u

Posted by Sukrit Singh(student), on 9/12/11

 stigma is a receptacle for pollen grains

style ;s function is to connect stigma to the ovary 

ovary is the enlarged part which is located at the base of thye plant on which style lies.

Posted by aiswaryagokulam...(student), on 10/12/11

very easy to study this; thank u

Posted by aiswaryagokulam...(student), on 10/12/11
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