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what is the horizontal and vertical division of himalayas????/plzz fast

Asked by Aayushi Kesharwani , on 19/8/12


 vertical or latitudinal divisions:

1)Shiwaliks- lowest himalaya

2)Himachal- lower himalaya

3)Himadri- higher himalaya

horizontal or longitudinal divisions:

1)Punjab or Kashmir himalaya- Indus to Sutlej george

2)Kumaun himalaya- Sutlej to Kali george

3)Nepal himalaya- Kali to Teesta george

4)Assam himalaya- Teeesta to Dihang george

Posted by Dkon 19/8/12

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Actually the longitudinal divisions are the himadri,himachal and shiwaliks and the latitudinal divisions are the places directed by rivers .i.e. The Punjab or Kashmir himalaya ,the Assam himalaya and the kumaon himalaya and Nepal himalaya

Posted by Rohan Saion 23/5/15

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