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what is the major occupation of the people living in prairies?

please ans my question fast

Asked by Khushi Jain (parent) , on 1/3/15

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the major occupation of people living in praries are

1.Sheep rearing is the most important occupation.

2.Gold and diamond mining.

3.Growing crops.

Posted by Rithika (student) on 10/3/12

More Answers

 rithika that are the occupations of velds

Posted by Raghuram Rajan (student) on 10/3/12

The major occupation of the people living in prairies are sheep rearing.

Posted by Archana Venkatesh (student) on 11/3/12


The majo occupation of people living in praries is

(a)Sheep rearing

Posted by Rithika (student) on 28/8/12

The Main Occupation is 

1.Agrriculture=Piraries is called the granry of world .it is also called bread basket of world . extensive aggriculture is practised here. wheat,maize and patato are major crops.

Posted by Kushaghra Sharma (student) on 15/1/13

Agriculture is the main occupation . They use modern machinery like threshers , combines , harvesters etc . Due to high productivity and diary farming it is called the granary of the world .

Posted by Clarisa Amanda (student) on 2/3/15

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