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what is the major occupation of the people living in prairies?

please ans my question fast

Asked by Khushi Jain(parent) , 4 weeks, 2 days ago

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the major occupation of people living in praries are

1.Sheep rearing is the most important occupation.

2.Gold and diamond mining.

3.Growing crops.

Posted by Rithika(student)

More Answers

 rithika that are the occupations of velds

Posted by Palzom(student)

The major occupation of the people living in prairies are sheep rearing.

Posted by Archana Venkate...(student)

The majo occupation of people living in praries is

(a)Sheep rearing

Posted by Rithika(student)

The Main Occupation is 

1.Agrriculture=Piraries is called the granry of world .it is also called bread basket of world . extensive aggriculture is practised here. wheat,maize and patato are major crops.

Posted by Kushaghra Sharm...(student)

Agriculture is the main occupation . They use modern machinery like threshers , combines , harvesters etc . Due to high productivity and diary farming it is called the granary of the world .

Posted by Clarisa Amanda(student)

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