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Chandni Sharma from MAHARISHI VIDYA MANDIR, asked a question
Subject: Chemistry , asked on 30/3/13

what is the mole fraction of the solute in 2.5 m aqueous solution ??


Anita Dahiya , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 3/4/13

Moles of solute in water = 2.5 moles

Number of moles of solvent =

= 55.56 moles of water

Mole fraction of solute =

= 0.043 

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Guru Prasad Singh From Kendriya Vidyalaya No 2, added an answer, on 30/3/13
166 helpful votes in Chemistry

 2.5 m aqueous solution means 2.5 moles of solute are dissolved in 1000 gm of water

THerefore Number of moles of solvent= 1000/18= 55.56 moles

Hence Mole fraction of solute= 2.5/55.56+2.5=2.5/58.06= 0.04

Hope it helps!!Cheers!!.. so wat r u doing thesedays?

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Chandni Sharma From Maharishi Vidya Mandir, added an answer, on 30/3/13
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hehe.. i alrdy slved tht prblm ;)) thnx nywz ;)  n abhi to sirf sirf studin :P wabba u? 

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