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what is the simplest form of 40/80

Asked by delh_011(Wynberg Allen School) , on 5/12/10


The lowest form of 40/80 is calculated by dividing both the numerator and denominator by their H.C.F
H.C.F. of 40 and 80 = 40
So, the lowest form of 40/80 can be calculated as,
Thus, the lowest form of 40/80 is ½
Hope you got the answer.

Posted by Sunanta Meiteion 6/12/10

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ans is 1/2 because we devide 40 and 80 from 40.

40 devided by 40=1 and 40 devided by 80=2.

Posted by Nimit Bhardwaj(Dav Centenary Public School) on 5/12/10

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