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What is the standard meridian of india?

Asked by Sajja Naga Naveen(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO 1) , on 28/8/09

82 degrees and 30 minutes

Posted by Akash Shahi(LOYOLA HIGH SCHOOL) on 28/8/09

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The standard meridian of India is 82degrees and 30 minutes.

It is taken from a particular state for the India.

Posted by Valluru Pavan Srivatsav(ANAND SHIKSHA KENDRA) on 28/8/09

82degrees and 30 minutes .

Posted by Shivangi Sharma(GOVT MODEL SR SEC SCHOOL) on 31/8/09


The latitudinal extension of the mainland of India is between 8°4 '
N and 37°6 '
The north south extension is 3214 km in length.

Posted by Arshad Kp(DARUL HUDA ISLAMIC SCHOOL) on 20/5/13


 82 degree 30 east is the longitudinal chosen as the standard meridian of India

Posted by Arshad Kp(DARUL HUDA ISLAMIC SCHOOL) on 20/7/13

Standard Meridian of India is 82 30'E passing through Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Posted by Muthuon 21/8/15

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