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What is the summary of the drama- The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton?

Asked by Gaurvi(student) , on 14/9/14

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 character sketch of d fav character of the play the dear departed

Posted by stylishmitali.....(student)on 30/6/11

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Please some 1 give the answers of the DEER DEPARTED chapter:(

Posted by tammx(student)on 30/6/11


 How are the dramatic irony, sarcasm, and simultaneous speech are used by the author in the play 'The Dear Departed"?

Posted by francismaringme...(student)on 1/7/11


 what is the theme of the play "the dear departed "

Posted by tsachdeva647...(student)on 4/7/11


what is thesummary of the dear departure

Posted by supritha...(student)on 13/7/11


 how did mrs slater plan to outshine mrs jordans?

Posted by shilpanair...(student)on 17/7/11


mrs slater planned to outshine mrs jordan by the morning dress

Posted by Sakshi Mishra(student)on 21/7/11


 mrs slater planned to outshine mrs jordan by shifting the bureau..! before they arrived..!

Posted by Ahmad Sarim Kha...(student)on 4/8/11


     In this drama,The Dear Departed ,by William Stanley Houghton satirizes(critisizes)the degradation of moral values in respect and care within  the members of the family itself.

       It starts like this when the slater family got to know that their grandpa paved way heavenly  abode  at seventy two.The drama is  likely seemed to take place two weeks after his death.The fourteenth day was the mourning day for the family.He spent his last days with Mrs.Slater but before he lived with Mrs.Jordan.Slater never wanted to divide up the belongings of grandpa with mrs.jordan  as she acheived what she planned to get grandpa 's bureau dowm from his room and pretend to her sis ' that she won it at an second hand auction.The humurous thing is that both of them thought that their grandpa is dead. The fact is that he is still living in upstairs,and when he came down,the family portraits him as transmigrated one.He comes to know that his daughters were only after his valuables and didn 't even dare to care about him.So,now here 's a funny stuff when they heard the  words sayin ' that he is goin ' to be married to a lady in the church.

                         This drama signifies that how the present generation is reacting towards  the elders.The worldly people are after materealistic things , not the care and affectionate they have for the lonely old aged ones.How close we are to them and even a bit time we spend with them,we should ask ourselves.

Posted by Joel Gary(student)on 2/9/11


plzzzzz telll me the summary of chapte