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 what is the summary of the lesson "a shady plot"?

Asked by Sakshi Tomar(student) , on 26/10/14

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it is a ghost story , but completely unscary ....

It is like one ghost will come and help a man write a ghost story , this leads many misunderstandings between the writer and his wife and finally everything gets resolved

Posted by Aparna Sivarama...(student)on 28/9/11

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 what happen when a party is organised in writer 's home

Posted by ankitathakur7.....(student)on 7/11/11


 actually this is the story of man who is accountant, but his frend request him to write  story for  his magazine...

the writer thinks that whenever he sits he writes the story but in actual it it is the ghost who help him to writ the story..

do you want continuation or not

Posted by Deepika Mehra(student)on 8/11/11


one of her wifes frend was without the pair he nned some accompany so her wife request her to sit with him

he was afraid but dont want her wife to let  it know, so when he sat with his wifes friend they started playing............

writer was afraid while playing.. in the game of ouija the word that was pointed by the ghost was traitor that means cheater..............it creates the horrible  sitution for the author .......and the story continues

Posted by Deepika Mehra(student)on 8/11/11


 it is a story of an ordinary man who is an accountant and his friend who is a publisher request his to write a story for his book . when ever the aurthor  sits he write the story but this time he was unable to write the story. when he was thinking for the idea suddenly a lady ghost came and told him that she was also an aurthor and she gave idea to him about what he should write...

Posted by Jasmeet Singh(student)on 20/11/11


 actualy john is forced to write a ghost story.so he sits down to write a ghost story .that time a ghost appears who is helenand she asked to john that no one should use ouija board.suddenly his wife comes and the ghost goes.his wife has brought a ouija board in auction.john was very shocked to see this.....one day he when he was coming from office he found that his wife was conducting ouija board party.every was in pair.only one girl was alone.so john was asked to accompany her by his wife.when they play he finds a name helen appears.every one was shocked to see this.nextday his wife was not there leaving a note that she is going to her grandmother 's house and rest of the things will be discussed by lawyer..the ghost apperaed and john blammed the ghost..meanwhile his wife comes to know.john thought his wife would faint if she sees the ghost.but not so .she had a wide smile on seeing her.and the ghost goes off.and john sits to write the ghost story................

Posted by bujili_sarvesh....(student)on 23/11/11


 i realy agree with it thanks for that bujili

Posted by Jainil Gadani(student)on 30/11/11


 but why does lavinia smile at the sight of the ghost?

Posted by Manakjot Kaur(student)on 8/12/11


 thnku vry vry much u 'd help me alot bujili

Posted by sandy390...(student)on 15/12/11


maybe b 'coz lavinia was suspicious about John that he has an affair with someone called helen and he is concealing that from her. But later when she herself sees helen the phantom infront and she realizes that there wasnt any affair and John was just protecting her from the ghost; she smiles with satisfaction.

Posted by Misbah Zofi(student)on 21/12/11