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what is vasectomy and tubectomy?

Asked by Sandhya (student) , on 1/3/15

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in vasectomy vas deferns is cutted

while in tubectomy the fallopian tube is cutted

Posted by Sudhanshu Sharma (student) on 4/2/12

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Vasectomy  is a surgical procedure for male  sterilization  and/or permanent birth control. During the procedure, the vasa deferentia  of a man are severed, and then tied/sealed in a manner such to prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream 

A tubectomy is where they cut the fallopian tubes. It is generally done under general anesthesia and using a laprascope

Posted by Simran .. (student) on 4/2/12


Vasectomy and tubectomy are surgical methods of contraception. In vasectomy both vas deferens(of males) are cut and then ligated while in tubectomy both fallopian tubes(of females) are cut and then ligated

Posted by Vikas Singh (student) on 17/2/12

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