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what is vinylic carbon?

Asked by sunilmittal (parent) , on 20/12/11

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Any carbon atom, which is attached to a carbon, which is linked with another carbon atom via double bond is called vinylic carbon.

On a carbon skeleton, sp2-hybridized carbons or positions are often called vinylic.

For example: In the given compound, carbon at number 3 is known as vinylic carbon, because it is bonded to double bonded carbon atom.

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Hope it helps!

Posted by Rashmi (MeritNation Expert) on 20/12/11

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More Answers

The carbon that is involved in a double bond with another carbon is a vinylic carbon..

Posted by Shruti Ghanekar (student) on 20/12/11

mam isnt the carbon at 3 allylic and that at 2 vinylic???

Plz clear my doubt...

Posted by Shruti Ghanekar (student) on 20/12/11

carbon 2 is sp2 hybridised i think??? and carbon 3 is sp3 hybridised..no??

so accordingly ma 'am... carbon at 3 should be vinylic and carbon at 2 allylic??? isnt it?? please clear my doubt too!!!

Posted by Asmita Saha (student) on 22/12/11

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