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 what makes election in india democratic

Asked by Nivedha Somasundaram(EMIRATES FUTURE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY) , on 5/1/13


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Posted by Sushrita Dason 9/1/13

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 Elections in India are democratic because

  • elections are held by an independent body called election commision
  • elections are held after every 5 years
  • people above age of 18 are given right to vote
  • in many elections held till today in many instances the ruling party lost the elections

Posted by Sruti .b.s(AKSHARA SCHOOL) on 10/1/11

1. Everyone has one vote and each vote has one value.

2. There is always somnething to choose from.

3. Parties and candidates are free to contest elections.

4. The candidate preffered by the people is elected.

5. Elections are held in a free and fair manner where people choose as they really wish

Posted by Shweta Sachdeva(QUEEN MARY'S SCHOOL) on 10/1/11



  • Universal Adult Franchise
  • Secret ballot
  • Statutory body to regulate the process of elections are some of the conditions that make elections in India democratic


Posted by Param Sukhadia(Kendriya Vidhyalaya No. 1) on 15/10/12


HI Your answer for the query is

 Elections in India are basically free and fair. The party that wins an election and forms government does so because people have chosen it over its rivals. This may not be true for every constituency. A few candidates may win purely on the basis of money power and unfair means. But the overall verdict of a general election still reflects popular preference.   This is what makes Indian elections democratic. 

Posted by Manav Patel(BRIGHT DAY SCHOOL) on 2/11/12


WHOAH I dont know is that any bug or not

Posted by Manav Patel(BRIGHT DAY SCHOOL) on 2/11/12


Election gives people to choose their representatives and thus they form the gvt. It is held in a free and fair manner.

Posted by Amal Kk(cmi christ school) on 6/1/13

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