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what permission and licenses would be required to make toothpaste and soap?

Asked by Vinay Tora(student) , on 16/11/14

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 permission and licences required to make toothpaste?

Posted by Kirti Aggarwal(student)on 18/7/12

More Answers

 i don 't really, i am kinda trying to find this answer

Posted by Steve(student)on 27/7/12

 permission and licences required to make toothpaste

Posted by Sonika(student)on 17/8/12

 permission and licences required to make toothpaste

Posted by Karan(student)on 29/9/12

 what permission and license would be required to make a toothpast product in india

Posted by Varsha Gautam(student)on 25/11/12

 what  permission and licence would be required to make any product posted by saheer

Posted by Saheerkhan(student)on 30/11/12

 what are different permission and licence requird for tooehpaste

Posted by Ravi(student)on 17/1/13

Special permission and licence is required from the concerne authority / department.

Posted by Divyakant Dash(student)on 9/11/13

There are four things you must have to get permission to make toothpaste products in India. You will have to have manufacturing licenses, patents, copyrights and registered trademark.

Posted by Astha Undefined(student)on 4/8/14

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