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what produces more severe burns boiling water or steam?why?

Asked by Anushka Mishra(student) , on 21/5/12

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Steam has more heat conserved as the latent heat of vapourisation in comparision to boiling water, therefore steam produces more severe burns than boiling water.

Posted by Ishan Goyal(student)

More Answers


Steam will cause more severe burns even though they are at the same temperature because additional latent heat ( which is the heat used to convert a liquid to a gas without raising the temperature ) is present in the steam which will thus cause more severe burns.

Posted by Ishan Goyal(student)


Steam causes more severe burns because it is undergoing a phase change. When the water vapor comes into contact with your skin, the vapor condensates and changes to a liquid. This change is accompinied with the loss of heat.

Hope this clears your doubt.

Posted by Ishan Goyal(student)

Steam causes more aporization and severe burns as it undergoes the process of latent heat of vapourization and absorbs more heat than boiling water at the same temperature . try this at home you will know the difference.

Posted by Deepan(student)

  Steam would release heat energy to first liquefy and then would release heat energy to attain the room temperature. Boiling water would just release heat energy to attain the room temperature. Thus, steam would release more heat energy than boiling water. Therefore, steam produces more severe burns than boiling water.

Posted by Arindam Jain(student)

 Steam produces more heat because there is additional amount of latent heat which causes severe burns 

Posted by Raeshma Ashok(student)

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