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what reasons does brutus give for murdering caesar?

what are the conditions imposed by the conspirators before allowing antony to speak at caesar 's funeral?

Asked by Jahanvi Singh(SHANTI MISSION ACADEMY) , on 20/2/13


Brutus says that Caesar was ambitious.

Antony could speak only with the permission of the conspirators


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Brutus says that caesar was ambitious.Caesar would hve made evryone as his bondsman if he had lived. So, brutus states that they killed caesar more fr d sake of rome and not fr any personal reasons.

The conditions are :

1.Brutus shall be d first 2 speak & he shall show d reason of caesar 's death.

2.whatever antony speaks he shall speak with their permission.

Posted by Abhinayah Kannan(Bharath Sr Sec School) on 15/3/12


caeser was considered ambitious and dangerous for roman society. antony was forbidden to provokd the mob against conspirators.

Posted by Vivek Chaubeyon 20/2/13


brutus told that caesar will bring wrong to the rome and was ambitious for the crown.the conditions was just after brutus 's speech antony will enter the market by caesar 's body...and can have the funeral speech

Posted by Jea(mar dionysius) on 21/2/13


Brutus told that he loved Caesar but he loved rome more. When he saw his friend 's growing power could make him a tyrant and despot, he killed him. He also told the mob that he didn 't kill Caesar because of any personal enemity but for the sake of the nation.

Posted by Ayush Jain(RAMAEESH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 21/2/13


Brutus told that he loved Caesar but he loved Rome and Roman people more. He killed him because he was becoming too ambitious. If he would become the king then he would make everybody his slaves. He would bring tyranny to our country 'Rome '. He killed Caesar not for his personal jealousy or something, he killed Caesar for the sake of our nation.

The conditions are:

1) Antony had speak at the same pulpit where Brutus had to speak.

2) He would say that Brutus and other conspirators has allowed to speak in the Caesar 's funeral.

Posted by JIGAR.DABHI009...on 7/3/13

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