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 what steps are taken by the government to conserve our natural vegetation.

Asked by Nisha Biju , on 8/3/15

  • 1.Participate in your community 's recycling programs. Implement a recycling program at your office too.

  • 2.Buy products manufactured with recycled paper. Many companies use their reputation as recyclers to attract business from eco-conscious customers.

  • 3.Reuse junk mail and scraps of paper whenever possible. Instead of pitching old envelopes, use them to keep notes or make grocery lists.

Posted by Shivanshu Satyam(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 23/10/11

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To protect the natural vegetation that are still left, the goverment has declared many of them as reserved or protected the natural vegetation.

Posted by Sakiyaon 10/6/14

Some of the steps are as follows:

1. Afforestation schems are taken.

2. Many areas are titled by the government to be preserved.

3. People are not allowed to cut living trees. They can take only the dead ones.

4. CNG fitted autovehicles had been running.

These are some of the points that government is foucsing on but we should also come forward in these matters as all we have got is from nature and if we will not conserve them then we will also be dead.

Posted by Indrakant Danaon 13/11/14

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