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 what steps are taken by the government to conserve our natural vegetation.

Asked by Sakshi(student) , on 22/10/11

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  • 1.Participate in your community 's recycling programs. Implement a recycling program at your office too.

  • 2.Buy products manufactured with recycled paper. Many companies use their reputation as recyclers to attract business from eco-conscious customers.

  • 3.Reuse junk mail and scraps of paper whenever possible. Instead of pitching old envelopes, use them to keep notes or make grocery lists.

Posted by Shivanshu Satya...(student)on 23/10/11

More Answers


To protect the natural vegetation that are still left, the goverment has declared many of them as reserved or protected the natural vegetation.

Posted by Sakiya(student)on 10/6/14

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