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 What was Birsa 's vision of a Golden Age. Why do you think the vision such appealed to the people of region? 

Asked by Nikita , on 26/9/13


Birsa talked about the golden age at Satyug Anage of truth in which like in the Past the tribal people would live a good life costruct embankments tap batural springs plant trees and orchards and practice culitivation to earn living. He talked of an age in which the tribals would not kill each another without reason.

His golden age consisted of a reformed tribal society in which ther was no place for vices like Liquor witch craft and sorcery and outside forces like the missionaries Hindu land Lords money lenders and traders and europeans

Posted by Arjoma Moulick(NIRMAL BHARTIA SCHOOL) on 14/8/12

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Birsa munda was an indian tribal freedom fighter....his vision of golden age appealed the people very much....because ....he helped the rebellions, tribal groups in their bad time with british...he was also suffering from that....so he started the munda group and taught them how to help themselves and how to revolt....his vision of golden age developed when mundas had been free of the oppression of the other tribals like dikus,,,etc and britishers....i hope i answered your question....

Posted by Prernaon 2/8/13


a man named birsa mund, was found roming in the forest and villages of chottangpur. people said that he had miscoules powers,he can multiply gain and curl all diseas he himself declaed that god had appointed hi to save the people from dikhus and trouble.soon many people started folowing him beliving that he is god and he will solve there problems.he talked about the golden age as the age of truth and everybody was inspired by him alot and said that he is the head of mundas family.

Posted by Lakshya Tomar(SADHU VASWANI INT. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS) on 22/9/13


why had britishers orgionally came to india?

Posted by Lakshya Tomar(SADHU VASWANI INT. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS) on 22/9/13


Birsa's vision appealed to the people of the region that they shouldonce again live as they lived in their golden age satyug and to drive out the dikus i.e. theBRITISH OTHER EUROPEANS . THEY shold give up their bad practices.

Posted by Dj Mazaon 26/9/13

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