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What was Rowlatt Act? Explain it in 3 short points................. :)

Asked by Ananya Chaturvedi(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 5/3/12

BEST ANSWER Certified by MeritNation Expert  
1. The Rowlatt Act was a law passed by the British in colonial India in March 1919, indefinitely extending "emergency measures" enacted during the First World War in order to control public unrest and root out conspiracy.
2. This act effectively authorized the government to imprison any person for a maximum period of two years, without trial who was suspected of doing terror in the Raj.
3. The Rowlatt Act gave British imperial authorities power to deal with revolutionary activities.

Posted by Shikhar Zutshi(Shaheed Rajpal D A V Public School) on 6/3/12

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