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What will be the best reference books for class 11 cbse?

Asked by Ragib Shaud (student) , on 31/3/13

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 according to me u shud go 4  PRADEEP books :))

Posted by Just Someone (student) on 31/3/13

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u must choose modern abc books.

Posted by Mrityunjay (student) on 1/4/13

yaa mrityunjay is olso ri8 :))

 actually we use both

Posted by Just Someone (student) on 1/4/13

yeah pradeep 's i also use this book

Posted by Manjeet Kaur (student) on 2/4/13

jd lee is the better one

Posted by Srikanth (student) on 18/5/13

full marks

Posted by Gooo (student) on 31/3/15

Maths = R.D.Sharma
Chemistry = O.P.Tandon
Physics = Pradeep

Posted by Shivam Chauhan (student) on 31/3/15

grb books


Posted by Hrithik (student) on 6/4/15

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