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What will happen if friction vanishes?

Asked by Anushree Kanodia(L. P. SAVANI ACADEMY) , on 2/12/12

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 If there was no friction then we could not walk, we would keep slipping.Nothing would be steady on the ground,many things would be just sliding and sliding.Actually nothing can exist in the form they do now, if there was no friction. 

Posted by Rupali K(OAKRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 3/12/12

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 Friction is a necessary evil as several activities cannot be done without friction. 4 example- cars and bushes r able 2 move safely on the  road bcoz of friction between the treaded tyres and the surface of the road.

Posted by debasmitasamal22...(D.E.M.S) on 12/10/10


 please any 10 interesting and big things

Posted by Aditya Kadmawala(MAHARAJA AGRASAN VIDYALAYA) on 15/10/10


 kabadi ye answer sirf  mujhe hi pata hae ha ha ha 

Posted by keval25(MAHARAJA AGRASAN VIDYALAYA) on 16/10/10


 if there is no friction, everything will be sliding and nothing will stop. for example:-                                                                                             (1) if a car is moving and if the driver holds the break, the car will not stop.                                                                                            

Posted by Pranav Prakash(Air Force School Avadi) on 21/11/11


friction  is a necessary evil. Without friction, we cannot walk, hold articles, the brakes of automobiles do not work, and the power of a motor cannot be transferred to a grinding machine.

n if it vanishes we wud b not able 2 do d above things

Posted by Shivanion 30/9/12

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