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 what will happen if the plasma membrane ruptures or break down

Asked by Debaditya(GYAN BHARATI SCHOOL) , on 14/4/14

The function of the plasma membrane is the maintaining the homeostasis inside the cell. It separates the internal specific environment of the cell from the outer environment which is essential for its integrity and function. Rupture of the plasma membrane result in the loss of its integrity and so the loss of function. The cell will leak all its organelles outside. 

Posted by Ibrar Ahmad Siddique on 15/4/14

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the contents of rhe cell will get mixed up with the contents of other cell and the cell will die

thumbs up plz!

Posted by Abhinav Arora(D N MODEL SR SEC SCHOOL) on 25/9/09

in case the plasma membrane ruptures or breaks down the contents of the cell burst out thus disfunctioning the cell & the cell will die.(animal cell).

Posted by Megha Acharya(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 25/9/09

if the plasma membrane ruptures then many unwanted things would enter the cell.the cell organells woud mix up with them and the cell will die.

Posted by Subham Mohapatra(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO 1) on 25/9/09

 why plasma membrane is called selectively permeable membrane

Posted by Akankshaon 1/7/12


 Plasma Membrane is the outer covering of the cell that seperates its content from the surrounding medium. It is a selectively permeable membrane . If it rupture or breaks down the cytoplasm will come in direct contact with the surrounding medium and the act of selection will stop.


Posted by Tanthri(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 15/7/12


itzz gonna die,ha

Posted by Nawaf(YARA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 3/9/12


hey akanksha ur answer is here.....

the plasma membrene only allows few protiens wich are usefull for the cell

so it is also known as selectively permiable


Posted by Ravalika Manthena(D R S INTERNATION SCHOOL) on 6/6/13



Posted by Paandi(sri vignesh vidyalaya) on 9/6/13

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