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whats the difference between a insulator and a dielectric...?
Asked by shilinpm...(student) , on 18/11/10

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Hi! Shilinpm
Dielectric materials can store energy by getting polarized, whereas some other materials which are insulators cannot be polarized. Again dielectric materials do not conduct electric current like any other insulator.
So in short, all dielectric are insulators, but all insulators are not dielectric materials.
Hope this is clear to you!

Posted by abhishek.gupta....(student)on 19/11/10

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More Answers

 Hi  this is diksha 

dielectric are the materials which can conduct electricity because induced charges appear on the face of diectric by applyling an electric field but insulator cannot conduct electricity...

Posted by cooljaas1510...(student)on 22/11/10

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