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Whats the difference between reflection and shadow?

Asked by Abheepsa Nanda , on 21/11/12


When light falls on a surface, the direction of the ray is changed. This change in direction is known as reflection of light. e.g. you see your reflection in a pool of water or mirror. While

Shadow is an image formed by obstruction of light e.g. if you place your hand in front of a candle or torch, you will see the image of the hand on the wall. This image will only show the outline of the object placed in front of the light source. 

Posted by nitish.guptaon 22/11/12

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A shadow is the absence of light, a reflection is just that, the reflection of light. So a shadow comes from blocking a light source, a reflection comes from the bouncing of light of one source and on to another.

Posted by Pragya(LANCERS ARMY SCHOOL) on 21/11/12


Shadow is the black image which is being formed by an opaque object and reflection is the process of making the light rays to pass in a other way

Posted by Sujay Jami(SILVER OAKS HIGH SCHOOL) on 21/11/12

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