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which is more elastic water or air and why?

Asked by Rocking Rajal(student) , on 27/12/13

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 water is more elastic because the change in volume is less in case of water.So it has greater restoring force.

plz give me thumbs up........

Posted by Praveen Kumar(student)on 24/12/09

More Answers

 yes water is more elastic than air 

Posted by Rajeev Kumar(student)on 11/8/12


Hey it is air as it can be expanded

Posted by Pavithra(student)on 27/12/13


Air is more elastic than water.Try to compress a balloon filled with water and then one filled with air. You can observe that air can be expanded more so it is more elastic.....

Posted by Shaheen .(student)on 27/12/13

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