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 which is the most electropositive element ?

Asked by Kelwin Tom(ST. XAVIER'S SCHOOL) , on 28/2/11


Hi all,

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Posted by shveta.dua...on 1/3/11

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Its Cesium.. atomic no. 55.

Posted by Vartikaon 28/2/11

 Hi kelwin

Actually Francium is the most electro positive element but it is highly radio- active so it is rarely found in earth so we consider both Ceasium and Francium as the most  electro positive element!

Posted by arjungopinath310...(Nazareth Senior Secondary School , Manjeri) on 28/2/11



Cesium is the most electropositive stable element. Francium is

more electropositive (at least in theory) but only about 30 grams

exists on the entire planet as it is highly radioactive so no one has

been able to check 

someinformation about   Fr

An extremely unstable radioactive element of the alkali metals,

produced artificially from actinium or thorium, having approximately

19 isotopes, the most stable of which is Fr 223 with a half-life of 21

minutes. Atomic number 87; valence 1.  !!!!!

Posted by Virendra Guptaon 28/2/11

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