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who discover periodic table

Asked by Abhineet Kausha...(student), on 16/11/09



Posted by Suraj Kumar P S...(student), on 16/11/09

Mosley (for Modern Periodic table)

Drawback: Hydrogen could not be placed in periodic table.

Posted by Suraj Kumar P S...(student), on 16/11/09

yeah but which periodic table r u askin abt????

Posted by Pallavi Bir(student), on 16/11/09

Henry Moseley

Posted by Nishanth Krishn...(student), on 16/11/09

henry moseley

Posted by Lakshya Dwivedi(student), on 16/11/09

hey wat about mandleev????

Posted by Anmol Mahani(student), on 17/11/09

Mendeleev arranged his p.t in increasing order of atomis mass!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Vccharan Ram(student), on 19/11/09

Mendeleev was awarded for making a periodic table based on atomic masses. He was the first scientist to actually properly arrange elements according to their chemical properties. The periodic law goes like "Elements are the periodic functions of the atomic masses " (1 marker asked in CBSE 2009).

 He predicted the properties of those elements that were not discovered like germanium, scanidium etc and they were correct. But certain problems still pertained after the creation of Mendeleev 's periodic table. Thats when Henry Moseley 's Periodic Table came into rounds. 

Posted by G2011(student), on 19/11/09

 Dobereiner for traids

newlands for his octaves

mendeleev for his mendeleev 's periodic talbe

mosely for his modern periodic table

now, modifications are still on the way, so we are now using the table made by group of chemists, still they are making the modifications.

hope you must have understood, if yes, please give thumbs up.

Posted by Sundareshan Raj...(student), on 20/11/09


Posted by Vibha Prabhu(student), on 26/11/09

yes it is henry mosley

Posted by Arundhati Sudan...(student), on 28/12/09

 Henry Mosley discovered the modern periodic Table

There are many others who grouped elements in the form of table

They are Mendeleev, John Dalton, Newland, Dobereiner.

 But their Classifications are discarded

Posted by Rahul Baburaj(student), on 13/2/10
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