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Who is Patwari?

Asked by Monisha(parent) , 2 days, 22 hours ago

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A man who collects lan revenue is known as Patwari. We can also say that  A person of revenue department who is authorised to collect revenue on account of land from farmers  on bahalf of govt.

Patwari  is a term used in Pakistan and India for a land record clerk in a tehsil or sub-Division. The lowest state functionary in the Revenue Collection system, his job encompasses visiting agricultural lands and maintaining record of ownership and tilling (girdawari). Due to their primary base in rural areas, where literacy and wealth is low, they yield a larger-than-life influence in the local community and are notorious for demanding bribe and changing land records at will. With recent computerization of land records, their ability to manipulate records has reduced. Patwari reports to tehsildar or a chief clerk of Tehsil 's land records.

Measuring land and keeping land records is the main work of the Patwari.the patwari is known by different names- kanungo etc. the patwari is also responsible for organising the collection of land revenue from the farmers

Posted by Gunjan Kakkar(student)on 3/3/12

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 a village accountant is an adminstrative govt. position found in rural parts of the subcontinent.

Posted by Kshitij Torres(student)on 7/12/12

A patwari is the land revenue officer at village level.

Posted by Shravani(student)2 days, 7 hours ago

thanks for the answer, friends!!

Posted by Monisha(parent)2 days, 1 hour ago

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