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 Why antibiotics should not be overused ? Name some antibiotics.

Asked by Divyanshu Singh(student) , on 3/5/12

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 But overprescribing them has resulted in the development of  resistant bacteria , which are bacteria that don 't respond to antibiotics that may have worked in the past. Plus, whenever kids take antibiotics they run the risk of side-effects, such as stomach upset and diarrhea or even a possible allergic reaction. like streptomycin tetracycline erythromycin

Posted by Pallavi(student)on 3/5/12

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Mozhi where r u studyin??? plzz ans fast yr.. plzz ... PLZZZ!!!

Posted by Athena ... Godd...(student)on 4/5/12


if we over use them they may even kill the bateria of our use and indeed which would be harmful to our body.

the examles are as follows-

streptomycin, tetracycline, erythromycin