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 Why are carbon and its compounds used as a fuel for most applications?

Asked by Oindrila Mukherjee , on 21/3/11

 because when they are burned in the presence of oxygen it give lots of heat and light  

Posted by Vikram Raoon 21/3/11

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 Carbon & its compounds are formed by strong covalent bonds.. they are so strong that covalent compounds can 't be broken by heating.. so, when they are used as a fuel, they provide more amount of energy in the form of heat & light.

moreover, they have a high calorific value too!

hopw it helps!

Posted by Aditya Kumar(Delhi Public School, B.S.City) on 21/3/11

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Posted by Vikram Raoon 21/3/11

When carbon is heated in presence of excess of air or oxygen, it forms Carbon Dioxide. During its formation, a large amount of heat and light are released. Furthermore , once ignited carbon and its compounds keep on burning without needing additional heat energy. Hence, carbon and its compounds are used as fuels in most applications..

Hope this helps !!!

Posted by Satyajit Mohanty(xyz..) on 21/3/11

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