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 why are demand deposits considered as money?

Asked by Shashank Reddy(student) , on 11/11/14

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bcezz.....they  can  be  withdrawn  on  demand...n  morovrr  the  most  exciting  feature  they  offer  ---->>  cheque..!  it  acts  as  modern  era  money  bcez  it  can  submit  transactions  widout  the  involvemnt  of  cash.....

Posted by Naina Singh(student)on 9/3/11

More Answers

 Bcoz deposit means a saving containing money......huh

Posted by Anjan Bansod(student)on 9/3/11


i am also studying sst!!

Posted by Aditya Kumar(student)on 9/3/11

my  pleasure  buddy  ! 

Posted by Naina Singh(student)on 9/3/11

hi 'istudymaths '!....the ans is dat the demand deposists which we make in banks comprises of our own saving and moreover we can withdraw thwm at our own will at any time...

Posted by Rushal Nayyar(student)on 9/3/11

 The facility of cheque against demand deposits make it possible to settle payments without the use of cash.Since,demand deposits are widely accepted as a means of payment it contributes money in the modern world.

Posted by Aamie S(student)on 9/3/11

 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.. :p

Posted by anmoldua3...(student)on 25/10/11

 Demand deposits are considered as money because They can be used as a medium of exchange They are easily acceptable like money They help in settling payments without the use of cash.

Posted by Parag Patidar(student)on 29/10/12

 demand draft  are  considered as money beacause:-

  1. they are generally he extra money that we deposit to the bank
  2. here people 's money is safe and also people get INTEREST on it .

        3.in this way they don 't need to care for their money and also they get benefitted by it 

        4.along with this people can withdraw their deposits according to their will 

        5.this also ensures that people can take the help of his/her money in the case of need and also they help in settling the                    cash without the use of cash and are used as a medium of exchange 

Posted by Siddhi Shrivas(student)on 21/1/13

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