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why are the arteries have thick walls
Asked by Anjoo Anna(student) , on 27/9/10

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Hi Anjoo!

Well! it's very simple!

You know that arteries carry blood away from the heart, i.e. from heart to the rest of the body. The thick walls of arteries enable the heart to pump large amount of blood from the heart to the body without the arteries bursting!

Posted by Laxmi Bisht(MeritNation Expert)on 27/9/10

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More Answers

the arteries also have 2 resist the great pressure exerted by the blood on walls 

Posted by Georgejustin(student)on 5/10/10

no arteries dont have any walls you are talking about veins got anjoo

Posted by Ritu Kabra(student)on 6/10/10

forget what i said i am wrong

Posted by Ritu Kabra(student)on 6/10/10

hey anjoo!!!!

ARTERIES hav thick wallss becoz the blood is flowin wit a high pressure an tis exerts a pressre on d walls  of d arteris soif the walls  r thin the presure exertd cn cause d walls 2 tear

Posted by zoya_mehreen_sh...(student)on 7/10/10

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