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Why are we normally advised to take blend and nourishing food when we are sick??

Asked by shireenprince... , on 1/3/12


@Shireen:- Your friend is absolutely right, although I would like to add some points- while suffering from a disease, many functions of body gets damaged & person becomes very weak. In order to recover quickly, patients are advised to take healthy diet.

@Shaheen:- Good Answer, keep posting!!

Posted by Shivali Joshion 2/3/12

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I think We are normally advised so because food provides us energy..... so nutritious food helps in manufacture of blood, now WBC 's are present in blood , so these nutrients helps in their formation. this in turn  strengthens our immunity to the weakness and helps fight against it.

Posted by Shaheen A. Jamilon 1/3/12

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