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Why cutting tools have sharp edges?
Asked by Samayak Malhotr...(parent) , on 29/11/12

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The pressure exerted due to a small surface area is high compared to pressure due to large surface area. This is derived from the equation,

Pressure = Force/Area

Which implies an equal force can exert higher pressure on a small area. This is why the cutting edges of tools like knives, blades etc are provided with sharp edges. The high pressure at the end of these sharp surfaces can easily pierce through wooden, plastic etc surfaces.

Posted by nitish.gupta(MeritNation Expert)on 30/11/12

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More Answers

 cutting tools have sharp edges because on smaller area we have to apply less force.

hope you got it.

Posted by Arpita Sukhwani(student)on 10/12/11

cutting tools have sharp edges because on smaller area we have to apply less force.So u apply less force


Posted by T.sai(student)on 29/11/12

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