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why did michael fail in rescuing sebastian shultz the first time?

Asked by Yash Sharma , on 5/2/15


After three failed attempts. Michael finally rescued him. This coincided with his recovery from coma. Sebastian sent him an email thanking for his help. Sebastian wanted to meet Michael personally. They decided to meet next Friday after school.

Michael and Sebastian waited anxiously for Friday. Finally Friday came. They met at a café. This was the first time they were meeting outside the virtual world. However, somehow, they weren’t uncomfortable. It seemed as if they had known each other for sometime now. They were not strangers to each other. They chatted for a while. Later, they said goodbye with a promise to keep in touch both in the virtual as well as the real world.

Posted by Hunney Jain(B.N.P.G.Girls College) on 11/3/12

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Michael failed in rescuing Sebastian the first time because Sebastian Shultz was shot by the cowboys in the first game i.e. Wildwest

Posted by Sakshi Bhagwat(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL MRPL MANGALORE) on 12/3/12


  Michael couldn 't rescue Sebastian the first time because before he could save him, he was shot by gunmen.

hope u would like my answer.... :D

Posted by Chocoholic...(MAHATMA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 8/12/12


Oh please Chocoholic this answer has been taken from meritnation only...

Posted by Qwertyon 5/1/14

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