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why did the news of the 'miracle recovery ' shock michale?

Asked by Ranbir , on 12/12/13

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The news article mentioned that a fourteen-year-old boy called Sebastian Shultz, who had gone into a coma following the accident, had miraculously recovered. Michael was shocked to read this. When he saw the picture of Sebastian, he realised that he was the same person whom he had met in the virtual world and was trying to rescue him. Michael couldn’t understand that how he could meet Sebastian if he was in coma

Posted by Naren Narendra on 14/12/13

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it shocked michael bcoz,acc. to the report sabastian had been in coma from past 6 weeks, yet during this time it appeared in michael 's games and asked him for his help in escaping from one game or the other that were stored inside the CD.

Posted by Hunney Jainon 12/3/12


Sebastian shultz 's recovery from coma was a miracle. Micheal had got to know the boy so well recently. He saw the photograph that went with the story and gasped. He felt nervous and shivery. He could not understand how shultz had recovered from coma. So the news shocked the micheal.

Posted by Edward Wilsome(mahatma school academics) on 12/3/12

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