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why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?????????

Asked by Nambi Raman Sri...(student), on 26/9/12


There are two reasons for this:-

(i)To make an ostentatious display of their wealth.

and (ii) To immortalize themselves so that the future generations know and remember them.

Posted by Isha Singh(student), on 26/9/12

they do so for being remembered till prosperity

Posted by Robin(student), on 26/9/12

so that they can be remembered till prosperity.They want to be immortal thus defying the strength of time

Posted by Sristi Nimodia(student), on 28/9/12

kise ne bhi useful answer nahi diya......



Posted by Sswati(student), on 25/9/13

in order to be remembered till prosperity ,the rich and powerful people gets monuments and statues erected in their money thats all.

thankyou, hope you understood

Posted by Sswati(student), on 25/9/13
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