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Why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?

Asked by divya.rai67... , on 14/7/11

its all because of their sacrifices or their very fine works that they have their monuments erected. All this work which they do is some what specialwhich we common man cant do.

this is my personal answer i have not read the chapter..........!

Posted by Oshin Lambaon 15/7/11

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 the rich and powerful get statues and monuments erected in their name because want the people of their time as well as the future generations to know adn remember how great and grand they were.....how rich adn powerful they were. To portray their power  and greatness and to immortalise it.

Posted by Laaon 13/9/11

to display their wealth and to show how powerful they are so that they are remembered till posterity

Posted by Vishalon 4/8/13

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