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 why does an ebonite rod get negatively charged on rubbing with fur ?

Asked by Parul Kuhar(Hindu Sr Sec School) , on 8/6/12


When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur the rod gets negatively charged because the friction between the fur and the rod makes the ebonite rod to gain electron from the fur. This is because, electrons in fur are less tightly bound than the electrons in the ebonite rod.

Posted by Somnath Mazumderon 9/6/12

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When an ebonite rod is rubbed against a fur heat is produced due to friction. Since generation of energy is taking place it helps in transfer of electrons and charges are developed on the bodies.
Historically, the charge developed on the ebonite rod was given the name negative charge and is followed then onwards.
It is like asking why force is called force and not torque. It’s the nomenclature which was given in the past and is followed then onwards.
Hope this helps,

Posted by Ishan Goyal(dav school phillaur) on 8/6/12

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