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why does an economic problem arise

Asked by Bhavesh Lalwani , on 24/7/15


1. unlimited human wants

2. limited resources

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Brijesh Negi(JOHN MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 16/5/12

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it is a problem of scarcity 

1. unlimited wants 

2. limited resource

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Sangram Singhon 16/5/12


it is because

resources are limited

human wants are unlimited

nd resources have alternative uses

Posted by Cool Boyon 27/5/12


An economic problem arise because of two primary causes:

i) Human wants are unlimited with different priorities

ii) Economic resources are scarce which are not specific in its use but have alternative uses.

Posted by Joshi Philipon 27/5/12


1. unlimited wants

2. limited resource

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Aditya Panchalon 7/7/12


 1. human wants is unlimited,

2.limited resoures

3.alternative uses 

4.choice of resoures

Posted by Dilkash Rahaton 13/4/13

economic problem arise due to the presence of scarcity

Posted by Simran Malikon 6/5/15

Economic problem arise due to scarcity of resources in relation to their demand.

Posted by Rishabh Jainon 12/5/15

Economic problems arises because the available resources are scare in relation to the unlimited wants for goods and services.

Posted by Swapnil Thakur(SUDITI GLOBAL ACADEMY) on 14/6/15

economic problem meas problem of choice arise due to...
1. unlimited wants and
2. limited resources / income
 from kishor chauhan

Posted by Kishor Chauhanon 24/7/15

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