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why does an economic problem arise

Asked by Mohit(student) , on 16/5/12

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1. unlimited human wants

2. limited resources

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Brijesh Negi(student)

More Answers

it is a problem of scarcity 

1. unlimited wants 

2. limited resource

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Sangram Singh(student)

it is because

resources are limited

human wants are unlimited

nd resources have alternative uses

Posted by Cool Boy(student)

An economic problem arise because of two primary causes:

i) Human wants are unlimited with different priorities

ii) Economic resources are scarce which are not specific in its use but have alternative uses.

Posted by Joshi Philip(teacher)

1. unlimited wants

2. limited resource

3.alternative uses of resources

Posted by Aditya Panchal(student)

 1. human wants is unlimited,

2.limited resoures

3.alternative uses 

4.choice of resoures

Posted by Dilkash Rahat(student)

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