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why does steam cause more severe burns than boiling water

Asked by Shibai Dash(AHLCON PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 10/8/13

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Steam has more energy than boiling water. It possesses the additional latent heat of vaporization. Therefore, burns produced by steam are more severe than those produced by boiling water.

Posted by Wakogeko(NALANDA VIDYA NIKETAN) on 13/8/13

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because in steam the particles are moving freely and rapidly with a high kinetic energy.

Posted by Anjana(LOURDES PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 24/7/12


Steam causes more severe birns than boiling water at same temperature becasue steam has more amount of heat energy in the form of latent heat. So when steam comes in contact with our skin, it releases more heat than boiling water .

Hope you got it :)

Posted by Parimal Prasoon(FIITJEE Limited) on 24/7/12


 Because steam has more energy in the form of latent  of vapouristation.

Posted by Rahul Kumar(D K CARMEL RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL) on 25/7/12

Steam will cause more severe burns even though they are at the same temperature because additional latent heat ( which is the heat used to convert a liquid to a gas without raising the temperature ) is present in the steam which will thus cause more severe burns.

Posted by Me Rulezon 15/4/13

One can say that steam is more energetic than water at the same temperature that is 100C or 373K as the steam has absorbed heat in the form of latent heat of vapourization.Hence steam causes more severe burns than boiling water as more energy is released by steam on coming in contact with the skin.

*Latent heat of vapourisation-The amount of heat energy that is required to change 1kg of liquid to gas at its boiling point and atmospheric pressure.

*boiling point -The temperature at which a liquid changes to vapour/gas at atmospheric pressure.The boiling point of water is 100C or 373K.


Posted by Kavya.chandrasekaranon 11/8/13

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