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 why h2o is liquid but h2s is gas?

Asked by Rahul Gupta , on 22/7/12

since the electronegativity of oxygen is more than that of sulphur. water molecule form intermolecular bonding with each other.due to this water need certain amount of energy for its vaporisation. hence,it is present in liquid state.

while in h2s intermolecular hydrogen bonding is not formed because size of sulphur atom is lage enoughas compared to hydrogen atom.so it exist in gaseous state

Posted by Bhumika Bhardwaj(Bhagirathi Dass Dav Public School) on 22/6/12

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Because oxygen is highly electronegetive and sulphur is less electronegstive so no hydrogen bond

Posted by Tanmay Chatterji(Modern Academy) on 2/8/12

b 'coz oxygen is more electronegative than  sulphur

Posted by Thriftykapilaon 11/8/12

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