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 why is butter solid and vegetable oil liquid?

why are french fries ,burger and potato chips known as junk foods?

Asked by Vasudevan Vasudevaan , on 1/1/12


@Vasudevan, your friends have answered correctly.

I would like to add some more points.

Vegetable oils have low melting point thats why they are liquid at room temperature. Animal fats have high melting point thats why they are solid at room temperature.

 @Others, we really appreciate your contributions to this forum, Keep posting!!

Posted by Riffat Jahanon 2/1/12

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Bcoz Butter is a saturated fatty acid nd vegetable oil is a unsaturated fatty acid which is liquid .. !!! :))

Posted by Aparna Sivaramanon 2/1/12

  french fries ,burger and potato chips   is called as junk food bcoz  perceived to have little or no nutritional value   to products with nutritional value, but which also have ingredients considered unhealthy when regularly eaten 

Posted by Randomon 2/1/12

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