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Why is it difficult to walk on sand? 

Asked by devil_evils99.....(student) , on 31/1/11

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Pressure is invesly portiponal to area so,

(1)pressure increses area decrsess or

(2)area increses pressure decreses

area covered by us is very very small so it difficult to walk on sand

Posted by Himanshu Lakhar...(student)on 3/2/11

More Answers

area covered by us very very small so pressure exerted by us is very large  according to fourmula !!!!!!

Posted by Himanshu Lakhar...(student)on 3/2/11


3rd Law: action/reactionWhen you walk, the reaction force from the substrate (floor, sand, etc.) is what pushes you forward. On sand, the reaction force is divided over many, many small particles, and is scattered into a myriad of directions. This scattering does not leave a lot of reaction force pointed toward your foot, so a lot of your effort is scattered -- that is, lost.

Posted by Siddhant Changk...(student)on 8/8/13

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