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Why is the growth of nationalism in colonies linked to an anti colonial movement?

Asked by Enrique Iglesius(CAMPION SCHOOL) , on 14/2/12


Growth of nationalism in colonies is linked to an anti-colonial movement. The British government in  India had for the first time unified the administration of India politically, and economically. This had been done by the railways and telegraph system .The atrocities of the government had adversely impacted all classes of Indian society. There were political associations and the socio-political leaders worked towards reformation and revival of Indian culture  which was being dominated under the Western culture. Hence, the anti colonial feelings coloured the national movement in India.

Posted by Reecha Upadhyayaon 15/2/12

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In India,the growth of modern nationalism is linked to the anti-colonial movt. because:

1.People began discovering their unity in the process of their struggle against colonialism.

2.The sense of being oppressed under colonialism provided a shared bond that tied many different group together.But each class and group felt the effects of colonialism differently,their experiences were varied,and their notion of freedom was not always the same.

3.The congress under Mahatma Gandhi tried to foge these groups together within one movt.But the unity didn 't emerge without conflict.

Posted by Anjali Vijayakumaron 14/2/12

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