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 why is the the plasma membrane called a selectively permeable membrane?

Asked by Anurag Sachan , on 28/4/13

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This is because it allows the passage of only selected material into the cell

Posted by Shreya Singh(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 30/4/13

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It 's simply because it does not allow each and everything to pass through it, so in other words it "chooses" what can enter a cell.

For e.g There are some people who allow others to enter their life (by becoming their friend) as they see profit in them. Plasma membrane is somewhat same.

Sorry if my explanation or answer is not upto the mark :P

Posted by Kshitij(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 22/9/10

 It is so because it allows or permits various material from going inside or outside the cell.....

Since it selects, what must enter or what must not, thats why it is selectively permeable membrane

Posted by Soumil Rana(DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 24/9/10

Because it doesnt let any material enter the membrane .......therefore it selects what can enter and what cant enter

Posted by Neil Lewis(CARMEL SCHOOL) on 30/9/10

 its because it allows the entry of some materials and prevents the others from entering in the cell.therefore it is called selectively permeable membrane as it allows only selected materials to enter inside the cells!

Posted by naheelp...on 9/10/10


Awesome Answers Guyz Tank yoooouh Every One :)

Posted by Ubair Shahid(Radhwa International School) on 5/9/12


Because it allows only some selected material to pass through it.


Posted by Rishabh Tripathion 29/4/13

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