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 why is the voltmeter connected in parallel to the circuit whereas the ammeter is connected in sereis with the circuit?
Asked by Anmol Bhambhani(student) , on 29/9/12

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Voltmeter is used to measure potential difference.It is always connected in parallel across the points where the potential difference is to measured so one end of the voltmeter is connected to the point A of a resistance AB and the other end to the point B,and also it has a high resistance so that it takes a negligible current from the circuit.Here we can not use ammeter. Ammeter is always connected in series with the circuit in which current to be measured and it should have very low resistance so that it may not change the value of current.

Posted by Jyoti Panton 30/9/12

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More Answers

 Voltmeter has a high resistance and an ammeter has a low resistance. So if voltmeter is connected in series, it will affect the current flow due to its high resistance. Same goes for ammeter. Since ammeter has low resistance, if connected in parallel will give high resistance in the circuit. So voltmeter is always connected in parallel and ammeter in series.

Posted by Kamalesh Kishor...(student)on 4/4/11

Hello aasbisain,

The Voltmeter is used to measure the electrical potential difference between two points...
so it 's no use to connect it in Series , because the electrical potential difference between two points at the same line is zero ==> the readings will always be zero.

The Ammeter is used to measure the electric current in a circuit...
so it 's no use to connect it in Parallel , because you want to know the current flowing in this wire.

Also u know dat the internal Resistance of the Ammeter is very little
and very high for the Voltmeter --> so they will not affect the circuit......

Hope this helps you .........!! cheers @ thumps up ........

Posted by ♥♪♪♥ $!...(student)on 4/4/11

yaaa awesome answer yr... awesome SIYA......

Posted by Parthiva(student)on 15/9/12

 voltmeter is used to measure the V between 2 points . that is why it is put across the 2 points i.e parallel ( see a diagram of parallel wires. it is connected at one point and ends at another point. ).

as for an ammeter, it is used to measure the amount of current flowing in the whole cicuit. that is why it is put anywhere in the circuit in series.

Posted by Amit Chalka(student)on 19/9/12

the voltmeter measures the potential difference between 2 points that is why it needs to be connected in paralel to those points . :)

Posted by Kathy Tavares(student)on 19/9/12

voltmeter is connected in parallel because, inside the voltmeter, it is connected in series, wher as in an ammeter, inside the ammeter it is connected in parallel hence in a circuit it is connected in series...I am not very sure...but ya...

Posted by Shruti(student)on 27/9/12

The voltmeter is connected in parallel because its resistance is very high.

Posted by Vishnu Prasad ...(parent)on 30/9/12

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