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why is universal indicator paper better than a litmus paper to find the aprox. pH value "?

Asked by Rasha Rash (student) , on 14/6/13

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Universal indicators show various colours and shades across a wide range of pH and can measure pH in the range from 2 -12 whereas litmus paper only gives a general measure of pH by identifying a substance as an acid or a base. Therefore, universal indicator is better than a litmus paper to find the aprox. pH value  


Posted by Anuradha Puri (MeritNation Expert) on 18/6/13

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Universal indicator can be used to ascertain the pH of a solution, almost exactly across the entire spectrum. Litmus paper, however  has only 2 optnz. Frst  is your average litmus paper which can only tell you if a solution is acidic or basic n only roughly hw  much either way. The other type is far more accurate (again, to the nearest integer), but can generally only measure pH accurately over a small range (eg. 1-4 or 10-14 etc). Therefore, when possible, itz usually more beneficial, more efficient and more accurate to use than litmus paper.

Posted by Alina Ahmed (student) on 14/6/13


much simple language wich kud be understud easily..plz..!! :/

Posted by Rasha Rash (student) on 14/6/13

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