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why mud houses are cooler than cement and concrete houses

Asked by Niroop(B E L SCHOOL) , on 13/7/15


Mud has pores in them. But, concrete do not have them. So, mud house is cooler as cool wind can get inside through those tiny pores

Posted by Ishan Goyal(dav school phillaur) on 2/7/12

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I think it is because the mud houses havemore pores in it so wind circulation is done so the inside house gets cooler

Posted by Roshan Tom(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 2/7/12


because mud doesnt allow heat to pass through it and the remaining heat gets evaporated

Posted by Rohan(J D TYTLER SCHOOL) on 2/7/12

Concrete contain sand which absorbs heat from sunlight and then emits it out at night thus people living inside feel hot all day long whereas in case of mud houses there are pores in it which allows air to pass and maintain the normal/cool temperature inside.

Posted by Bibhuti Bhushan Kumar(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 13/7/15

beacuz , mud houses have air holes in it and allows air to pass and keeps cool

Posted by Sneha Sadasivan(AMRITA VIDYALAYAM) on 13/7/15

As mud houses have more pores in them than concrete houses they are cooler from inside.

Posted by Kt.tikku(CARMEL CONVENT SCHOOL) on 16/7/15

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