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 why r metals electropositive????

Asked by Soniya.g , on 1/8/10


metals loose electrons to form cations (positively charged ions), and are hence called electropositive.

Posted by Parishkrit Jainon 1/8/10

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Because they tend to lose electrons to form positively charged ions.

Non metals are so called electronegative as they always gain electrons to form negatively charged ions. 

Posted by Arvind Aon 1/8/10


 metals r called electropositive.... but what does being electropositive means.....????

the word 'electropositive ' means being electrically positive OR havin ' a positive valency like +1, +2 or +3...

metals r called electropositive 'coz they have more number of electrons than r needed 4 them 2 b electrically stabe n have 8 electrons in there outermost electron shell or valence shell....

since they have xcess of electrons it izz easier 4 them 2 loose 1, 2 or 3 electrons than 2 gain 5, 6 or 7 electrons from other elements 2 bcum electrically stable....

that 's why they r rendered a positive valency in order 2 show that they donate electrons 2 non metals n other elements due to there xcess in there shell...

that 's what u needed i hope...

have a gud nyt...!!!!

Posted by »»คʞรђคƴ ╬ נ♂...(Doon Cambridge School, Dehra Dun) on 1/8/10


 amazing answer akshay 

thumzz up ................

Posted by Vaishali Chopraon 2/8/10


thnxx vaishali...

ur alwayz dere 2 comment...

that 's gud.... i appreciate...

take tis thumbzzupp..!!!!


Posted by »»คʞรђคƴ ╬ נ♂...(Doon Cambridge School, Dehra Dun) on 2/8/10


 answer was very gd......1 frm ma side tooo cos i really didnt know dis...!!!!..lolzz...

Posted by Bhawna Saini(modern sandeepni school) on 2/8/10


thnxx 2 u also sania....

ohh...!!!! i mean 2 say bhavna....

he he he...

okayy gud nyt...!!!!!!

Posted by »»คʞรђคƴ ╬ נ♂...(Doon Cambridge School, Dehra Dun) on 2/8/10

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