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why sulphuric acid is more acidic than hydrochloric acid as we know halogens form more acidic oxides than oxygen family.explain with a short reason.

Asked by Satya Raju(student) , on 16/2/12

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in sulphuric acid sulphur can accept 6 electrons where as hydro chloric acid can accept only 1 electron .hence LEWIS THEORY OF ACIDS we can say that sulphuric acid is moere acidic than HCl

Posted by Satya Raju(student)on 16/2/12

More Answers

H2SO4 and HCl are both strong acid...however...do note that H2SO4 is a diprotic acid while HCl is monoprotic...in other words...one mole of H2SO4 will ionise in water to give 2 moles of H+ ions while one mole of HCl will only give you 1 mole of H+ ions...the concentration of H+ ions will determine the acidity of the solution...in fa ct...phosphoric acid, H3PO4 is even more acidic than H2SO4.

Posted by Sai Aishwarya(student)on 24/2/12

H2SO4 is more acidic than HCL,H3PO4 .THE REASON IS OXIDATION STATE OF S is +6 HCL IS JUST 1 according to lewis theory of acids an acid is a substance which accepts electrons.hence H2SO4 is acidic than any other acid

Posted by Satya Raju(student)on 16/3/12

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