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With the help of ray diagram explain why a convex mirror is preferred for rear view mirrors in motor cars.

Asked by VINOD2793(Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Burari) , on 22/1/12


Convex mirror is used as rear view mirror as it gives a clear diminished and an erect image of the traffic that is behind you. Also, has a large field of view i.e. it covers a wide range of the traffic behind you and gives a very clear image.Just imagine the fact that you are using a concave mirror. Everything behind you will be enlarged and tilted from the original position and you can’t see the actual traffic behind you. Even a plain mirror is not used as it does not cover a wide surface for the traffic.Hence, a convex mirror is used.

Posted by mmicasaon 25/1/12

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coz it can provide a larger field of view and the image we get is erect.so convex mirror is used as a rear view mirror

Posted by Ash Rocks(YUVABHARATHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 22/1/12

hope dis helped u

Posted by Ash Rocks(YUVABHARATHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 22/1/12

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